Intuitive Storytelling: Reuniting with our inner wisdom through storytelling

Saturday 5/8 and sunday 6/8 i Tingshuset, Örsundsbro [see Festival Program]

• Leo Sofer (England)

To prepare for Leo Sofer’s workshop, you are asked to bring a Story that is about 5 minutes long. It can be any sort of story, but not a personal or true story. We want to allow room for improvisation! Please learn this story “by heart” meaning that you are able to tell it without notes. You will work with this story during the workshop, to learn the Intuitive Storytelling methods.                                                                                           You might find that your story changes as your intuition works with it! This story can be on any theme. If you feel inspired, however, you could bring a story that expresses the theme of Reunion, which will be the overall theme of the storytelling festival. But this is not essential.

On the Sunday night there will be the opportunity to tell a story for everybody. We will have about 10 slots, each being no longer than 10 minutes long. You may want to tell…
1.    The story you brought with you to the workshop. Or…
2.     An intuitive story that comes to you during the workshop, and that you will have time to prepare in order to retell it for an audience. Or….
3.     If you are really brave, you could use the intuitive storytelling methods you have learned to tell a new intuitive story “live” in front of the audience. Health warning: this is not for the “faint of heart”. Frans can tell you about that (!).

Storytellers + musicians

frirday 4/8 • 19.30 | Gamla Bion
storytelling performance Stories of Reunion
with music and song by Sundara Sofer

• Leo Sofer [England]

As a teenager I felt that something important was missing. I was waking up to an ocean of wonder and depth within myself, and yet noticing that the culture around me had different priorities. After some searching I discovered mythology, and found that human beings weren’t as strange as I had thought. We had always had stories about the inner life, and those stories had often been central to the cultures that had come before us. What was strange was the way the modern world had turned its back on all that.

I spent several years studying European folktales and became a storyteller. I wanted to learn in-depth the ways we used to enchant one another with stories. I gave over two thousand storytelling performances in hundreds of schools throughout England. But then, something really unexpected happened… The stories started coming by themselves!

As I saw vivid scenes progressing in my mind’s eye, and heard verbal cues from my inner voice, new stories that were both magical and surprising would come tumbling out of me! Although I never knew what was coming next, I was amazed to find that the stories were well structured and had a beautiful and uplifting teaching. In 2010 I began teaching Intuitive Storytelling, and was surprised to find how easily people could pick it up. The truth is, we can all tell stories, and given the right context, we can all tune into the wisdom inside us. I teach people how to come to that place of utter mystery in themselves, to be a willing servant of the unknown, transparent to the beauty and wonder within.

Sundara Sofer [Germany/England]

Inspired by the stories Leo tells and inspiring him to tell his stories, Sundara sings and plays flutes.


saturday 5/8 • 19.30 | Gamla Bion
storytelling performance Come together
with Pauline Seebregts, Amber de Grauw, Karin Fjällström, Jan Roelofs and Charlotte Magnusson [song and flute]

Pauline Seebregts [The Netherlands]


Amber de Grauw [The Netherlands]

The storyworld is my world. I continued reading fairytales and folktales when other people started to read books and novels. Both my parents are fantastic storytellers and I still believe in the magic of life!
If you say that I never grew up, you may be right. I often think that the truth of stories is much bigger then the so called truth one reads in the papers. I am honoured to tell a story on the festival! See you there!


Karin Fjälström [Sweden]

I just love story telling, for I see it as a way of transmitting light from the heart itself. What comes to mind when I think of the festival theme, is the reunion of myself with my Past self and my Future self. In the Now I can feel the rythm of the One Heart. How would this reunion feel and could this reunion reveal itself in a story? I wonder? To reunite with our soul is about embodiment isn’t it? I presume that will come up in this story :) What a wonderful world we are part of. See you soon!


Jan Roelofs [The Netherlands]

Writing has been Jan’s main activity all his life (as journalist, copywriter, author) but the spoken word has gripped his attention since he came in contact with storytelling. The Örsundsbro storytelling festival of 2016 was for him a relevation and he is more than happy to join again this year.
With a spiritual background in The Pathwork, Jan continually tries to remember himself and others that all Paths eventually lead to Reunion. He looks forward to bring this truth on stage, on the Saturday evening of august 5th, in the old cinema of Örsundsbro.


Charlotte Magnusson [Sweden]

Festival Program

Friday 4/8
19.30 – 21.30 STORYTELLING EVENING | Gamla Bion
Stories of Reunion
Leo and Sundara Sofer

Saturday 5/8
09.00 – 09.30 Dancing with Lia Starälv | Tingshuset
10.00 – 17.00 WORKSHOP Intuitiv Storytelling
with Leo Sofer | Tingshuset
17.30 – 18.30 DINNER | Örsundsbro Restaurang
19.30 – 21.30 STORYTELLING EVENING | Gamla Bion
Come together
with Pauline Seebregts | Amber de Grauw | Karin Fjälström | Jan Roelofs
music by Charlotte Magnusson [song/flute]

Sunday 6/8
09.00 – 09.30 Dancing with Lia Starälv | Tingshuset
10.00 – 17.00 WORKSHOP Intuitiv Storytelling 
with Leo Sofer | Tingshuset
17.30 – 18.30 DINNER | hos Nina och Frans
19.00 – 21.00 PERFORMANCE with particpants | Gamla Bion

Map + locaties

Örsundsbro aktuel karta

Örsundsbro is situated between Uppsala and Enköping and has a good bus connection with both cities [bus 804] and with Bålsta [bus 895]. Klick here for time schedules. Both Arlanda [Swedens main airport] and Stockholm are at an hour distance by car, and ± 1,5 hour by public transport. If you would visit the festival from abroad we could probably pick you up from the airport.

Örsundsbro ligger mitt i mellan Uppsala och Enköping vid 55:an, och har bra bussförbindelser med Uppsala och Enköping [buss 804] och med Bålsta [buss 895]. Klicka här för att hitta busstider.


Gamla Bion [the old cinema] in Örsundsbro | a living museum | ett levande museum

This is the place where the storytelling performances will take place.

In 1925 you could read the following in the local newspaper: “Örsundsbro has got a new meetingplace with a very nice interior and comfortable sitting places”. They wrote about Edvard Johanssons newly build cinema. Besides showing films and peresentations by the local theater amateurs, could travelling revues and circus groups perform there.

The building continued to have the same function till the year 1961, when it fell in disarray. In 1986 the Old Cinema Society was founded, and the cinema came back to life. In 1992 The Old Cinema once again could be inaugurated and in 1955, after many hours of hard work by the society members, even the renovation of the carpenters workshop, an annex to the cinema, was finished. Over the last years the cinema and the carpenter workshop not only had a function as museum. The Old Cinema regained it’s former function as a meeting place which means that films are shown, exhibitions are held and performances, like concerts and storytelling evenings take place.

1925 kunde man läsa följande i Enköpingsposten: ”Örsundsbro har fått en ny samlingslokal som är mycket trevligt inredd och försedd med bekväma sittplatser”. Det handlade om snickaren Edvard Johanssons nybyggda biograf. Förutom filmvisningar och uppträdanden av Örsundsbro Teateramatörer kunde kringresande revyer och cirkusgrupper ge föreställningar.
Verksamheten fortsatte i huset till 1961, men därefter fick huset förfalla. 1986 bildades dock Föreningen Gamla Bion, och biohuset började rustas upp. 1992 kunde bion återinvigas och 1995 stod även det tillhörande snickeriet färdigrenoverat efter många timmars arbete av flera föreningsmedlemmar. De senaste åren har bion och snickeriet visats som museum. Filmvisningar, konserter och utställningar har getts varje år.


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