Friday August 2
Storytelling Evening Looking for the Good in Men
19.30 – 21.30 | Gamla Bion | Örsundsbro

    with Jeroen de Jong [NL] | Gunilla Cullemark [SE] | Jan Roelofs [NL] | Frans Koenigs [NL/SE]
    Opera song Christina Falk [SE] | Piano Anna Brolin [SE] | Entrée 100 kr

    STORYTELLING + OPERA SONG! Isn’t that a wonderful combination?
    Is there anything sacred in the men around you, in fathers and sons, friends and partners? If you’re a man: is there anything sacred in you? And if you’re a woman: this male part inside of you, does it have a certain sacred quality? Or doesn’t it?
    With stories and songs by five performers from Sweden and abroad we’re going to look for the Good in Men. You will find it where you won’t expect it. Under one condition: you allow yourself to be touched by sounds, images, words…
    Thank God, the Good in Men exists!

    Saturday August 3
    Storytelling Evening The Maze of Men
    19.30 – 21.30 | Gamla Bion | Örsundsbro

    with Mia Verbeelen | Mats Rehnman | Entrée 100 kr

    FINALLY SHARING THE STAGE: Mia Verbeelen en Mats Rehnman
    Mia [Flanders, BE] and Mats [SE] met each other for the first time on the first European gathering of storytellers in 2001. They have represented their countries on several following storytelling conferences and toured both internationally. Now it’s time to share the stage! For this evening they have chosen their favourite stories that ask the fundamental question: what makes a man?
    So; welcome to a maze of stories, where men are lost but also found.

    Sunday August 4
    Storytelling Evening Stories from Within
    19.00 – 21.00 | Gamla Bion | Örsundsbro

    with Festival participants | Entrée 75 kr


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