Storytelling festival 2019

2, 3 & 4 augusti 2019 | 6th international STORYTELLING FESTVAL
The Sacred Masculine
Gamla Bion | Örsundsbro | Sweden



It is probably not an exaggeration to state that the vast majority of all that we see around us
– buildings, technical devices, social structures and what not –
is created by masculine inventivity, will and work power.
Although this initially might have been a reason for gratefulness, humankind is now
confronted by the negative aspects, the shadowside of all this male activity
– like the distortion of nature, torturing of animals, suppression of women,
racism, misuse of power, sexual dominance and abuse etc.

In our attempts to compensate for these results of the unbalanced, destructive masculine
we long time have turned our hope towards the feminine.
And yes, a lot of women [and quite some men] have nurtured
the aspects of the Sacred Feminine inside themselves and benefited greatly by that.
But, doesn’t this sound in a way like an unhealthy codependence?
Must humankind turn itself to mammy, because daddy is misbehaving?
How would it be to help daddy to come to his senses instead?

This festival is an invitation to search inside ourselves
– through meditation and the power of stories –
for an aspect we all for seldom – if at all – hear about:
The Sacred Masculine.
What is it and how does it look like?
How does it smell and especially, how does it feel?
How would it be if we could create an inner image
that might serve us as a compass?


The Sacred Masculine  Friday 2/8 i Tingshuset, Örsundsbro [see Festival Program] • Gary Kendall The Sacred Masculine  Saturday 3/8 i Tingshuset, Örsundsbro [see Festival Program] • Mia Verbeelen and Jeroen de Jong The Sacred Masculine  Sunday 4/8 … Verder lezen

Storytellers + musicians

friday 2/8 • 19.30 | Gamla Bion storytelling performance The Sacred Masculine with Jeroen de Jong, Gunilla Cullemark, Jan Roelofs and Frans Koenigs Song Christina Falk, Piano Anna Brodin S T O R Y T … Verder lezen

Festival Program

Friday 2/8 10.00 – !7.00 WORKSHOP with Gary Kendall | Tingshuset 17.30 – 18.30 Time for DINNER | Örsundsbro Restaurang or Rice Garden 19.30 – 21.30 STORYTELLING EVENING | Gamla Bion with Jeroen de Jong … Verder lezen

Map + locations

Örsundsbro is situated between Uppsala and Enköping and has a good bus connection with both cities [bus 804] and with Bålsta [bus 895]. Klick here for time schedules. Both Arlanda [Swedens main airport] and Stockholm … Verder lezen

Stay over

Det finns flera B&B i närheten av Örsundsbro, men man behöver en bil för att ta sig dit. • Vaylet Pettersson • Skogsbackens Ost • Kråkvilan • Rönna Gästabud Både i Uppsala och i Enköping … Verder lezen