Intuitive Storytelling: Reuniting with our inner wisdom through storytelling

Saturday 5/8 and sunday 6/8 i Tingshuset, Örsundsbro [see Festival Program]

• Leo Sofer (England)

To prepare for Leo Sofer’s workshop, you are asked to bring a Story that is about 5 minutes long. It can be any sort of story, but not a personal or true story. We want to allow room for improvisation! Please learn this story “by heart” meaning that you are able to tell it without notes. You will work with this story during the workshop, to learn the Intuitive Storytelling methods.                                                                                           You might find that your story changes as your intuition works with it! This story can be on any theme. If you feel inspired, however, you could bring a story that expresses the theme of Reunion, which will be the overall theme of the storytelling festival. But this is not essential.

On the Sunday night there will be the opportunity to tell a story for everybody. We will have about 10 slots, each being no longer than 10 minutes long. You may want to tell…
1.    The story you brought with you to the workshop. Or…
2.     An intuitive story that comes to you during the workshop, and that you will have time to prepare in order to retell it for an audience. Or….
3.     If you are really brave, you could use the intuitive storytelling methods you have learned to tell a new intuitive story “live” in front of the audience. Health warning: this is not for the “faint of heart”. Frans can tell you about that (!).

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