Storytellers + musicians

frirday 4/8 • 19.30 | Gamla Bion
storytelling performance Stories of Reunion
with music and song by Sundara Sofer

• Leo Sofer [England]

As a teenager I felt that something important was missing. I was waking up to an ocean of wonder and depth within myself, and yet noticing that the culture around me had different priorities. After some searching I discovered mythology, and found that human beings weren’t as strange as I had thought. We had always had stories about the inner life, and those stories had often been central to the cultures that had come before us. What was strange was the way the modern world had turned its back on all that.

I spent several years studying European folktales and became a storyteller. I wanted to learn in-depth the ways we used to enchant one another with stories. I gave over two thousand storytelling performances in hundreds of schools throughout England. But then, something really unexpected happened… The stories started coming by themselves!

As I saw vivid scenes progressing in my mind’s eye, and heard verbal cues from my inner voice, new stories that were both magical and surprising would come tumbling out of me! Although I never knew what was coming next, I was amazed to find that the stories were well structured and had a beautiful and uplifting teaching. In 2010 I began teaching Intuitive Storytelling, and was surprised to find how easily people could pick it up. The truth is, we can all tell stories, and given the right context, we can all tune into the wisdom inside us. I teach people how to come to that place of utter mystery in themselves, to be a willing servant of the unknown, transparent to the beauty and wonder within.

Sundara Sofer [Germany/England]

Inspired by the stories Leo tells and inspiring him to tell his stories, Sundara sings and plays flutes.


saturday 5/8 • 19.30 | Gamla Bion
storytelling performance Come together
with Pauline Seebregts, Amber de Grauw, Karin Fjällström, Jan Roelofs and Charlotte Magnusson [song and flute]

Pauline Seebregts [The Netherlands]


Amber de Grauw [The Netherlands]

The storyworld is my world. I continued reading fairytales and folktales when other people started to read books and novels. Both my parents are fantastic storytellers and I still believe in the magic of life!
If you say that I never grew up, you may be right. I often think that the truth of stories is much bigger then the so called truth one reads in the papers. I am honoured to tell a story on the festival! See you there!


Karin Fjälström [Sweden]

I just love story telling, for I see it as a way of transmitting light from the heart itself. What comes to mind when I think of the festival theme, is the reunion of myself with my Past self and my Future self. In the Now I can feel the rythm of the One Heart. How would this reunion feel and could this reunion reveal itself in a story? I wonder? To reunite with our soul is about embodiment isn’t it? I presume that will come up in this story :) What a wonderful world we are part of. See you soon!


Jan Roelofs [The Netherlands]

Writing has been Jan’s main activity all his life (as journalist, copywriter, author) but the spoken word has gripped his attention since he came in contact with storytelling. The Örsundsbro storytelling festival of 2016 was for him a relevation and he is more than happy to join again this year.
With a spiritual background in The Pathwork, Jan continually tries to remember himself and others that all Paths eventually lead to Reunion. He looks forward to bring this truth on stage, on the Saturday evening of august 5th, in the old cinema of Örsundsbro.


Charlotte Magnusson [Sweden]

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